I was referred to Julie by my chiropractor for whiplash neck pain that was not changing with chiropractic work. With a few dry needling treatments and some hands-on treatment I have been starting to feel a lot better. I have been able to get back to my yoga classes. 

-SS  Erie, CO

With the use of dry needling, cold laser therapy and cupping Julie has relieved my severe chronic shoulder pain and increased my limited mobility, saving me from what the I'm told is necessary shoulder joint replacement surgery. She intuitively knows which muscles by listening and caring about what you tell her. The PEMF mat is great too!

-N.A. Lafayette, CO

"I can't even put into words how much Julie has gotten me back on track. I think about this often as she has asked me to write a review to promote her new business. I walked in to see Julie about two years ago when she worked at Spine West in Boulder. She still says I had one of the most severe cases of back pain that she had ever encountered and that she was actually afraid to treat me. At that point, I could not move freely, nor lay down on the table without significant help. I had had a recent grand mal seizure and some other therapies, but the doctor at Spine West told me Julie was the best at what she does and will know how to proceed with care and treatment. She introduced me to dry needling and together we slowly started breaking into my pain. The changes did not happen overnight, but with her caring, reassurance, skill, and knowledge I actually started to get better. I saw her regularly in the beginning stages until I was able to do home exercises and get back to walking. Now, I see her as needed in her new office, PinPoint Wellness, because she still alleviates my chronic pains with her magical hands and needles. I no longer think about taking serious pain medications or going for cortisone injections. I know when my body 'needs it' and I walk into her office stooped over and walk out of her office three inches taller and greatly relieved! I highly recommend Julie and PinPoint Wellness in Lafayette, CO!"

S.W. Boulder, CO

"Julie Schumann at PinPoint Wellness in Lafayette, CO relieved my pain when other practitioners could not. Her techniques in dry needling as well as specific massage along with recommendations for home exercises were the only treatments that greatly reduced or eliminated my pain from a herniated disc, a spinal fracture and chronic neck and shoulder problems. She is gentle, professional and skilled. The office is well-equipped, clean and attractive. She provides many helpful services including cupping in addition to dry needling, massage and other options. Office hours are very convenient and and walk-in appointments are available. Fees are based on the length of time of the appointment and the services desired. I highly recommend PinPoint Wellness for professional, effective and compassionate care!"

-P.B. Louisville, CO

"A two week long road trip from the east coast to Colorado caused a painful lower backache. With a week to go before our granddaughter's graduation, I was desperate for relief. Julie was able to provide that respite with her expertise and magic touch of massage and dry needling.  PinPoint Wellness is a very warm, inviting, and professional facility. The concern for my problem was genuine. I wish I could bring it all back with me to CT!   I would highly recommend PinPoint Wellness. "

-J.S. Rocky Hill, CT