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December 2020 News Summary:



Full stop. This blog is not about the news. This blog is about small business. While we wait for the socialism, fascism, martial law, civil war, and nuclear war, please support small business. Go heat up your millet and bean filled fleece covered hot pack, place it on your shoulders, sniff some essential oils, shut your eyes, breathe deeply and think about how you can continue to support small business in this most tumultuous time of our lives. I'm telling you it will be worth it. Supporting small business brings happiness.

Prior to the 2020 shit show, there were about 31 million small businesses which made up about 99% of all US businesses. Small businesses were creating 1.5 million jobs annually. Am I not being clear that small business rocks? Many/most are on rocky ground, so go, get on your computer and order something from a small business. Put on your thermals, bring a blanket, wear a mask, wear a hat and gloves and go out to your favorite eatery that is offering al fresco dining. Depending on your climate, that business has likely invested in sanitization procedures, outdoor heaters and weather canopies, for your dining comfort and safety.

PinPoint Networking is here to open your minds and hearts to supporting small business people and their companies. PinPoint Networking is working with small business people to increase communications, connections, visibility, and hopefully to jump start small business over mega corporation consumerism.

There is no time like the present to really look at what other people are doing with business and try to support them. Our world has been taken over by speed scrolling and 2 second attention spans. It is harder than ever for a small business to gain any attention online. We, at PinPoint Networking, are so grateful to step away from social media and take a look back on the small companies who touched us and impacted us this week. We are grateful to write about them and give them another sliver of visibility in this crazy, noisy world.

Here we go with the FRIDAY ROUNDUP:

Botanical EZ: If your skin has been suffering from the dry winter air, now is the time to order a Face Mask Kit from Botanical EZ. This skin care line is crafted by a Denver Acupuncturist using highest quality ingredients like dandelion, astragalus, and shi gao blended to perfection to improve collagen production, decrease inflammation, and improve hydration of skin. The kit is thoughtfully and adorably boxed up and screams 'pamper me' when you open it. 2020-2021 are proving to be the years for SELF CARE!!! Highly recommend!!!

Color Street Nails: This is also a fabulous way to support your self care this year, while not making many trips to the salon. Who knew something like adhesive nail polish strips could be this awesome? I have a long history of not maintaining well manicured finger nails, so trying this product was a stretch for me. Yes, read my blog about it. Anyway, I met my nail stylist, Anna, while speed scrolling one day and have had beautifully polished and sparkly nails ever since. Anna keeps a good inventory of styles available and can mail them out. She has an active Facebook group and a website for ordering. If your nails are ready for some shimmer and shine to ring in the New Year, please get in touch with Anna!

Boulder Bagels: Local Alert! This recommendation is local to Erie - Lafayette - Boulder - Thornton - Broomfield, Colorado. If you've never lived in New York, you might never ask the question, 'who has good bagels around here?' But if you know what I'm talking about, you get it. This is a local bagel maker who delivers bagels, jams, and schmear to your doorstep. Of recent, they are delivering 7 mornings a week. You just need to order by 6 pm the evening prior. This company sees expansion in its future! Order some baked goodness soon!

Southern Sun Pub & Brewery: Local Alert! South Boulder, Colorado. Always a favorite for their yummy food, extensive beer & beverage menu, and lively atmosphere. The pandemic is definitely dealing them a lousy hand but they are making the best of it. Winter pandemic mode has them utilizing the outdoor patio and some parking spaces, but the view of the flatirons is nothing short of incredible. Local tip: the sun sets in South Boulder fairly early in the winter months because of the up-close mountains. If it is a cold afternoon/evening go for an early happy hour, layer up and bring a blanket. Take out is also available. You can't beat the hospitality and the views!!!

Gastronauts at Gravity Brewing: Local Alert! Louisville, Colorado. If you happen to be in the mood for some of the best pizza in Colorado (from a New Yorker's perspective) and a great beer, go visit this place. Gravity Brewing opened about 10 years ago, and Gastronauts opened their kitchen inside the brewery about five years ago. Winter pandemic mode has them utilizing the outdoor beer garden for sit-down food and drink or you can do take out. These are two tasty small businesses to support if you are in the area!!!

Colorado Popcorn Company: This company has been around since 1987. They are based in Sterling, CO. They create 20 fabulous flavors of popcorn that can be adorned in wonderful seasonal gift tins and buckets. Ordering and shipping is a breeze. My family across the country should be receiving theirs shortly. If someone you know needs a delicious pick-me-up, consider the gift of gourmet popcorn!

Topeka Live: Topeka Live is a new social entrepreneurial venture started by Andy Levine of Sixthman fame. The mission of Topeka Live is 'to connect, to share, to learn'. They are connecting artists to you during this pandemic. Thanks to Topeka Live I was able to sit in my living room this week and watch a live concert by a couple of my favorite artists, Marc Roberge & Jon Lampley of the band O.A.R. Frustratingly, the Red Rocks show couldn't happen this year, so I was super excited to be able to see this show from my couch. If you are looking to see a show, check out Topeka Live's scheduled performances.

Adam Ezra Group: Good Music Alert! Since the beginning of the pandemic Adam Ezra has graciously been playing us music through our computers. So talented and really helps feed our live music cravings. We usually post his shows and other live music to our FB group Boulder COunty Music, Suds & Grub. So, if you like chillin with some good music and miss it like we do, start following Adam Ezra Group and/or BO CO Music, Suds & Grub!

The Stationery Shop, a novel by Marjan Kamali. Yes, read a book! The Stationery Shop is rated as one of NPR's Best Books of 2019 and it happens to be written by a good friend of mine. I am posting the link from Bookshop.org because they support independent bookstores. In fact, their website states that they have raised over $10 million for local, independent bookstores. If you need a book, check out Bookshop.

Boulder - Denver Innovators Networking Group. PinPoint Networking is eager to get this group of small business professionals together, virtually, so that they can do some networking with each other. Networking is an integral way for small biz owners to connect with and support other small biz owners. This group is a fantastic source for finding some of the best professional services in the Boulder - Denver region. If you are looking for a realtor, mortgage broker, home/business/auto insurance agent, roofer, property manager, chiropractor, health insurance broker, life insurance agent, financial advisor, nutrition/exercise specialist, or career counselor please check out our Community Page. If you run/represent a small business in this region and would like to join the group, please contact Nick through the Community Page and he'll let you know if there is an open spot for you. If you would like to create a new regional networking group, also let us know. We are open to growth because networking groups are so vital to the financial viability of small business owners. Remember our mission is to connect, promote, and support! Take a look at our EVENTS Page for more networking opportunities.

Ultimate Small Business Gift Card Exchange Party: We are so excited about creating this event! We have our first virtual party next week and plan to do this monthly. This is a FREE networking meeting with the only expectation that you will purchase a gift card (recommended $10-25) from a small business for another participant. We like to talk about people and companies that we interact with, so we will promote our participants' businesses in our post-party blog/newsletter. In the spirit of giving and supporting small business, this event is open to all and you don't have to be present at the virtual event to participate. RSVP today! Win-win-win.

This blog happily brought to you by the sincere efforts of Julie and Nick at PinPoint Networking and eXp Realty! Thank you for reading! You can now get back to your social media speed scrolling. Please like FB page, join our FB group, follow us on IG. Please go support a small business today.