These Cities Have Been Rated The Best Places To Live In The U.S. In 2020-2021! (Yay, Colorado!)

Thinking of a change, a relocation, a move in the new year? Let's face it 2020 has not been fun and has been downright isolating, financially straining, and emotionally draining. Maybe you've recently considered changing things up. Maybe you can't keep paying the high cost of rent. Maybe you need to downsize. Maybe you are just looking to land in a new city. The 'maybe's' are endless. Here is a link to U.S. News & World Report's Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2020-2021. Colorado is a clear winner taking 4 of the 5 top spots! The categories for judging were: good value, desirable place, strong job market, and high quality of life.

  1. Boulder, CO

  2. Denver, CO

  3. Austin, TX

  4. Colorado Springs, CO

  5. Ft. Collins, CO

Through the pandemic, we continue the trend of very strong real estate markets here in Colorado. It can be challenging to purchase the home of your dreams, which is why it's important to have a solid team to work with. Since, there is still a lot of competition in the Colorado front range market, it is best to check in with a mortgage lender (if you are planning on applying for mortgage funding) first to gain an accurate assessment of what loan amount you can qualify for. This is a great opportunity to discuss things like being a first-time home buyer, being a self-employed, paying mortgage insurance, current mortgage rates, and anything else you come up with related to obtaining a loan.

Let's take a moment to introduce you to Erika Bergstrom with Summit Mortgage Corporation. She is consistently 5-star rated with her level of communication, knowledge, and overall customer service. She can assist with mortgage inquiries throughout Colorado. Erika's previous career was as a school teacher and she thrives on the education piece of the mortgage process. She is extremely patient and willing to answer all questions from start to finish. When things get complicated she goes the extra miles for her clients.

Depending on how serious you are in the buying process, the next step is finding a quality real estate agent to take you through the necessary steps of home buying. This person will help you gain access to seeing homes, submit offers, and smooth every part of the transaction. He/she should be able to help you spot any deal-breaker flaws in the home and make sure the inspection process is top notch. The real estate agent will keep you informed of timeline items to keep your home buying contract valid and in compliance. Your real estate agent will be able to clarify the nitty gritty and legalese of the contracts and help keep you at ease.

Here we will introduce you to Nicholas Altomare with eXp Realty. Nick consistently is rated 5 stars for his personalized service and communication in the home buying and selling processes along the front range in Colorado. He generally works anywhere from south Denver to Loveland and will assist with agent referrals in other places in the state, or country for that matter. His roots bring him back to Queens, New York. His business savvy grew from owning a small media buying business in Los Angeles, California. His true compassion and connection stem from the last 15 years of raising his son who has many special needs. Nick has been touted as being a critical eye and cost efficient partner with a no bullshit taking strategy on every deal. He leaves his transactions with new friends not just old clients.

Once your mortgage needs are secure and you are under contract on a home, one of the next steps is securing home insurance for your new abode. You will need home insurance regardless of whether or not you are taking out a mortgage on the property. The insurance agent will be able to answer all of your questions regarding policy coverages, flood zones, roof coverage, interior vs exterior, and contents insurance. The agents are the contact people for the big companies like American Family, State Farm, Allstate, etc. It may be hard to compare prices between companies but it is wise to do some price shopping if you can.

One insurance agent you can start with is Kendra Hurtado with American Family Insurance. She is based in Louisville, CO but can provide assistance throughout Colorado. Kendra and her family are Colorado natives and pride themselves on being small business owners. They have several small businesses in the Denver metro region. Through the pandemic they have persevered in a very tough retail climate. Kendra will happily answer all of your insurance questions related to home, auto, life, and renters policies. She is straight forward and detailed and will help you navigate the insurance web.

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