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Meet SHARON HASTINGS with HealthMarkets

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1. Tell us a little something about you. I'm an extrovert who loves working with people and solving problems! I enjoy meeting new people, learning all about them and supporting their efforts. Professionally, I'm a Health Insurance and Medicare Broker who helps people secure financially responsible insurance at any age and stage of life. Personally, I'm an avid skier, hiker, fly fisherwoman and reader. I also love to travel and have been to 10 countries so far with many more on the horizon! I have 16 year old twins who keep me very busy and make me laugh constantly!

2. Most people we encounter are on their second or third career. Who were you before who you are today? Before today, I was in Corporate America selling IT software. I've spent my entire career in sales and truly am a people person. Three years ago I decided to take the plunge and left Corporate America to pursue self-employment as a Health Insurance/Medicare Broker. It has been the best career decision I've ever made and one that I wish I had made years ago! I love being of service to my clients and helping them navigate one of the most important decisions they can make for themselves and/or their family.

3. Did the pandemic change the course of your business? Elaborate. The pandemic has had a very positive effect on my business because I've been able to help many families and individuals secure financially responsible health insurance and Medicare plans who otherwise would have had no coverage. It has been a very gratifying experience helping people get insurance and set their minds at ease while this virus is running rampant in our world. As well, helping people navigate the very confusing process of purchasing health insurance and Medicare plans is very rewarding especially during these times when we are all preoccupied with bigger concerns like COVID 19.

4. Tell us everything you want us to know about your business. Serving the states of Colorado, Idaho, Ohio, Texas, South Carolina, Nebraska, Arizona and Utah, I am proud to represent HealthMarkets! I focus on plans to protect your health and financial well-being. I understand how confusing health insurance and Medicare is today so, I work with my clients to understand their needs while providing guidance and customized solutions. I specialize in Individual Health, Medicare, Employer Small Group, Supplemental and Life Insurance. Please contact me today for a complimentary consultation!

5. Tell us who your influencers and inspirers are. Michelle Obama, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Elizabeth Gilbert, Eckhart Tolle, Michael Singer, Lady Gaga

6. Tell us something unique about your biz and why we should tell everyone we know to contact you. There isn't anyone I can't assist! Also, I don't charge my clients for my consultations because I'm compensated by the Carriers. I have access to all of the Carriers and health insurance plans in the state which allows me to be your unbiased advocate!

7. Tell us any words of wisdom you have for others starting in your field or otherwise just starting business. Be patient with yourself and give yourself some grace. Also, have some money in savings so that you aren't stressed out financially thus, freeing you up to focus on getting your business started instead of worrying about the financial piece. Lastly, don't worry about the competition - there is always plenty of business out there for everyone!

8. Where will life take you when COVID restrictions are eased? Once COVID restrictions are eased, you will find me in Southeast Asia - specifically traveling to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Bali! I've been planning this trip for over 15 years so it's time!