Take a Closer Look at PinPoint Networking

Anyone else tired of 2020, tired of the strain on small business, and using every ounce of creativity to emerge with business intact and not having to seek a lame corporate job at the end of this pandemic? 2020 has seen a whirlwind of crap thrown at all of us. Some small businesses have been triumphant, others have not been and could use some help and encouragement. Many new small businesses are cropping up in the vast and noisy web of the internet. It seems as if most in-person business happening is only what is deemed safe and necessary. I believe that as business owners, we know at this point that no one is coming to save us or our financial burdens. Small business owners have always helped each other grow and survive. We network and listen to each other. We try to recommend products and services. We go to meetings and events sponsored by small businesses and chambers of commerce. Well, with much of what we 'normally' do shut down, and the same zoom meetings with the same people week after week getting really repetitive and unproductive, maybe you have tolerance to join new networking meetings to meet new people. Maybe you really want to find new people with which to share things about your business and learn about others' businesses. We could still be shut-in for a while, let's make the best of it. These are non-geographically based meetings, so it will be really fun learning about small business owners in different states and maybe countries! Let's embrace this new normal and help small business thrive!!!

Let's take a closer look at some of the virtual meetings. We hope to provide a variety of choices of meetings to attend. Keep in mind, these are come-as-you-want, with no high dollar application or membership fee. Hopefully, as we get more and more people in the meetings, we'll be able to offer discounts on multiple sessions attended. Currently, we are offering 25% OFF each meeting with discount code: NETWORK25.


Meeting, seeing, and hearing new fresh energy!

Learning about what other small biz owners are doing right now!

Low cost of entry!

Post-meeting newsletter (with attendees business info) delivered to attendees.

Ability to offer discounts and promotions to members of the meetings.

Ability to offer give-away prizes (great advertising!) during our Friday Fundays!

You don't have to leave your house or office! Right, kinda sad.

Social distancing is built in!!! No masks!!!

No geographic barriers. You can support small biz across state lines!!!


Accountability Partners: Wasting valuable time and need a nudge from someone to keep you accountable to a certain business task, marketing task, exercise, nutrition. Let's try to make some connections that will work. No, it won't always be possible to find a partner you feel comfortable with. This may time some time, but we might be able to hook some people up. This meeting will have limited enrollment so there is time to discuss attendees needs.

I Will Follow: Do you strive to get the 'follows and likes' on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or YouTube? These meetings will be geared toward attendee introductions (30-60 second commercial) and open discussion of social media strategy. It would be great but not mandatory to follow/like attendees specified social media pages. A newsletter will be provided after the meeting with the links.

Makers and Vendors: This is meant to be like a virtual market with vendors and shoppers. Shoppers may sign up for free. We would love to see some amazing products showcased during this meeting. A follow up newsletter will be sent out with all of the pertinent details of how to reach and shop from our makers and vendors.

Let's Do This: Networking for small business. Have your 30-60 second commercial ready! A follow up newsletter will be sent out with business info about each attendee. Hopefully, this helps you connect with and support other people from the meeting.

Barter Smarter: Let's see if there's anyone out there who wants to barter some business service or product. Remember, the meeting is non-geographically bound, so make sure you have something to offer that can be dispersed from long distance! A follow up newsletter will be compiled with offers and requested prices/values for these products and services.

Start Me Up: Let's give some love to the start-ups! Let's see if anyone wants to talk about their start-up business and if we can provide any insight into smoothing the way.

Let It Ride: This is Friday Funday!!! We'd love to have a lot of people here so we may or may not get to hear everyone's business introductions. We'd like to have some fun and treat it as an end of the week happy hour. We plan on having some give away prizes and maybe some cash giveaways. As this develops, we hope to focus on promoting your donated prizes, products and services. If you'd like to offer any prizes to the pot, let us know. It should be great advertising! We will still put together a post meeting newsletter of attendees with their business information so that you can connect with others after the meeting.

See our meeting schedule HERE! We can't wait to see meet you!!! Go small business!!!