Bedazzled Nails By Anna - Something I Thought I Would Never Need!

So this is what happens when I network with people that have stuff to sell. I buy stuff. I met Anna in some Facebook group on a day when the owner of the group allowed us to promote our own company/product/service. Don't get me started on these so-called business promotion groups. The first rule is usually NO SELF PROMOTION! So, if you catch a day when you are allowed to promote, you go for it. As I said, I met Anna. She liked my page and she asked me to join her group. I looked at her group and my first thought was no, this is not for me. The group was something about nail polish and I don't do that. But she seems nice and persistent, so I join the group. I am not here to make enemies. I join. I figured it would never pop up on my screen again and I could go on with my life and my unkempt nails.

Then, Anna saw a promotion that I was doing a free networking meet up before Thanksgiving. She showed up to my very small event and she talked about these adhesive nail polish strips from Color Street. She said something that stuck with me. She said something to the effect of 'no matter how crappy this world gets or how poor I may become, I always want my nails to look good.' Wow, talk about a concept that has never crossed my mind. I have been working in healthcare for the past 20 years and a lifelong nail biter who has gotten approximately 6 manicures in my life. Pedicures are different. I like painted toes in the summer and pedicures last a long time. Anyway, I showed Anna my nails virtually and told her I have always been finger nail failure. She said not to worry, I would get more use out of the strips because my nails were so short. After our networking meeting, I ordered some nail polish strips.

I waited several days before attempting. I figured my nails would grow. I figured I would overcome my fear of this new fangled product. Yes, I know it's not new, but to me it is. I applied them before dinner and took leave of absence from the kitchen clean up. I was certain I should not put my fingers under warm water at that point. Maybe I made that up just to get out of doing the dishes, but it seemed like the right call. I spent the next couple of hours watching T.V. and picking at the edges of the polish so that they fit right and were dangle free. I went to bed with a sense of accomplishment. Remember, it is pandemic time and my senses of home-bounded accomplishment are easy to fill. But, honestly, I went to bed thinking my life had somehow just changed for the better. I keep looking at my nails thinking, how cute and that wasn't difficult or expensive! I can't wait to try out the other designs that I ordered. My nails will grow now as well. Thank you Anna, for bringing me to a happy place.

If you want to reach Anna, join her Facebook Group: Bedazzled Nails By Anna or go to her Color Street website.

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Author: Julie Schumann has worked as a physical therapist for the past 20 plus years. Most recently she owned a private practice and specializes in dry needling for pain relief. She closed her practice doors during the pandemic 2020 and is now working from home and heading up PinPoint Networking. Connections are so important for small business owners and you never know where you will find your next sale. Julie is not connected monetarily to the company mentioned in this review. She just had a lot of fun finding a new product.