Omax Health: Interior Design for your Body and Mind

When you think of interior design, what do you think about?

When the pandemic hit in 2020, we were literally forced off the streets, out of offices, out of gyms, and into our homes for a very long time. My sister, who works as an interior designer for homes, says that the pandemic boosted her small business beyond description. People were home and creating wish-lists and new design plans for their homes. They were making their living and working spaces better.

Personally, I focused more on the interior design of my body. Ok, yes, I bought a rowing machine, and that sits rather unused. The intent still sits in my brain, though. The pandemic brought stressors I had never imagined. I'd be lying if I said I didn't become worried about my physical alerts, my stresses, my sleep, my intimacy, and my immune system. Being a healthcare professional, these are the things I think about when it comes to interior design. Big questions came to mind. Can we make our cells more resistant to damage and illness? Can we actually keep a healthier body through diet alone or does taking supplements make sense? Can my post-menopausal body continue to enjoy sex and intimacy? How can I sleep better? How can I have less stress? I do believe we can support our bodily systems. We can improve our interior design and Omax Health is one amazing company that can help. So, go ahead, start your Omax journey.

What's to love about Omax Health?

It's incredibly hard to gain attention or give attention in the virtual world we live in. So, how did I find Omax Health? First off, connection. Their website and products connected with me. They told me (on their website) to come visit them in Santa Monica if I ever travel there. Second, trust. They seem real and not stuffily corporate. They seem like they know about health. They have high-quality ingredient lists. They care about the things I personally had concerns about: exercise, sleep, sex, stress, aging, nutrition, & immunity. The connection and trust were enough for me to try some products. Finally, they are not Amazon and I like to support small business!

Omax Health, by way of their website and carefully formulated products, told me their story. If you are in small business, you know, this is key. It's hard to convince me to buy a new product without hearing a story to build my trust. It remains easiest and fastest to order things from Amazon. It takes a bit of work to find smaller companies to trust with my health, wellness, and money. Not every small business can give you reliability, creativity, innovation, science, quality, and affordability. This company seems to be paving the way in all categories. You won't get lost in their inventory. They have a good amount of products with clear descriptions outlining the expected benefits to each product.

If I haven't said it yet, it is worth looking at their website and products if you are interested in enhancing your body's interior design. Also, please visit our Omax Health, Part 2 blog, where I highlight some of the products that can enhance your everyday health and wellness.

Is it time to start your Omax Journey? You may just come out ahead with a healthier mind and body. You may have more fun, too!!!

Omax Health offers 3 lines of products:

Omax & Omax3:

Omax3 (omegas)

MultiMax (whole food daily essentials)

Sleep (clinically proven sleep-aid with CBD and L-Theanine)

Keto-Java (ketogenic coffee creamer)

Collagen Complete Complex (5 types of collagen protein with peptides)

Boost (brain health)

Vitamin D3, high potency

B-Complex, all the B's to help with energy and metabolism

Curcumin BioCurc Supplement (turmeric extract)


Kids Probiotic

Pure Tincture CBD Oil


CBD Arousal Oil for Women

CBD Libido Supplement

Synbiotic Balance: Prebiotic, Probiotic, & Cranberry Extract

CBD Liquid Glide: Water based personal lubricant


CBD Pain Relief Roll-On

SPORT Icy Cold Roll-On

CBD SPORT Cooling Cream

CBD Foot & Body Relief Spray


CBD Advanced Joint Defense

"Adding dietary supplements to your diet is smart, and choosing the best-possible products makes all the difference. Omax Health is leading the way with premium quality, clinically tested and patented products developed with the highest purity and potency." - Omax Health

"Since 2008, Omax Health has been focused on developing science-backed products that are unmatched in quality and performance. With millions of products sold, we remain the leading choice of physicians, professional sports teams, and discerning customers." - Omax Health

"Omax believes that the quality of what you put into your body can make a big difference in your health and your life. That's why we've continued to develop a wide range of health & wellness products that help you live LIFE TO THE MAX!" - Omax Health

Omax provides amazing blogs about Fitness, Nutrition, Mind & Soul in an effort to help you Live Life To The Max! Take a look at to find the answers to many of your burning health related questions.

***About the author: Julie Schumann is the owner of PinPoint Wellness and PinPoint Networking (small business networking) in Colorado. She has been occupied in the health and wellness field as a physical therapist for the past 21 years.

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