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We had the privilege of speaking with Pam Vagnieres with Nutri-Physique in Louisville, CO. She offers everyday solutions to falling in love with your food and exercise, enabling you to take care of your primary asset, YOU! She works with clients from around the globe. She can work with you regarding systemic issues like diabetes, heart health, and inflammation control. She can also work with you if you just feel like eating a bit healthier, creatively!

1. Tell us a little something about you. I’m lucky enough to have turned my passions into a career. I started at CU Boulder with a degree in Dance, then Chapman College for a degree in Sports Medicine, and finally a degree in Nutrition from NTI. I love movement, exercise and food. I combined my love of all three into a career where I help people live a healthier, happier life.

2. Most people we encounter are on their second or third career. Who were you before who you are today?

Here goes…


I was a dancer in several Modern Dance companies. I taught “Injury Prevention” and “Training the Dancer as an Athlete” at CU, UNC, and the Colorado Dance Festival and other dance festivals.

Sports Medicine - Injury Rehab

I’ve worked at a physical therapy clinic with injured and post surgical patients.

Sports Medicine - Training

I’ve trained all types of professional athletes including runners, baseball players, Olympian cyclists and divers, and more.

Instructor at Massage Schools

I taught “Injury Prevention for the Massage Therapist” and “Strengthening/Stretching for the Massage Therapist’s Clients” at both the Boulder and Denver Schools for Massage Therapy.

Ergonomic Assessments

I’ve done Ergonomic Assessments at numerous companies for people in a wide range of occupations from chefs to construction workers to desk jobs.

Ergonomics - Structured Fidgeting

I developed an injury prevention program for workers called, “Structured Fidgeting” to stretch and strengthen the worker for their occupation. I have brought this to numerous companies.

Corporate Wellness

I teach “Wellness Seminars” on nutrition, exercise, healthy cooking, injury prevention at companies all over the Denver metro area.

Nutrition - Consultation

I do nutrition consultations to help reverse disease, improve health and energy. I look into the clients health history, current lab work, & diagnosis and develop a plan to help reverse chronic pain, inflammation, and disease such as autoimmune disease, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, digestive disorders, menopause and more. I work with referrals from local doctors as well as Dr. Diana Schwarzbein, Endocrinologist in California, who has authored 5 books. Her clients come from all from all over the world.

Nutrition - Healthy Cooking

I help the client put their nutrition plan into action in the kitchen. I make healthy food taste delicious, quickly and easily. So even clients that hate to cook and have no time, have an easy, healthy plan they can follow. Much of the class is spent showing cool kitchen tools I use to save prep time. I discuss the nutrients and phytochemicals in the foods we use and how they affect our genes, lower the risk of disease, boost immunity, lower cholesterol, balance blood sugar, improve energy and overall health. It’s important to know the “why” when choosing to live a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition - Grocery Tours

Sometimes it’s just a matter of learning about new, healthy food that’s right at your finger tips! On a grocery tour, I help with food allergies, label reading, how to determine the good, the bad, and the ugly, and delicious healthy, ready made products to make life easy.

Exercise Programs

I design exercise programs for high level athletes training for events. I help injured people safely return to exercise. I help people with osteoporosis, muscle wasting, weakness, and other health issues become stronger and more flexible. My programs include “true” core strengthening, posture work, periodization, proprioception, kinesthetics and balance work, all of which should be included in a good exercise program.

I counted about 7 careers! I’m sure I forgot one or two. I was also a librarian and a waitress, but those were a means to get me to where I am today.

3. Did the pandemic change the course of your business? Elaborate.

As everyone, I do more Zoom appointments. I used to see all my local clients in person. I’ve always worked with clients all over the world via phone or FaceTime.

4. Tell us who your influencers and inspirers are.

First, I have to say my mom. She was a “self taught health nut” when it wasn’t popular to be one! Second, my son. Everything he does inspires me to be a better person. He’s kind, smart, creative, generous and authentic. I’m inspired by numerous authors and experts in the health field, both local docs and international health experts, too many to name.

5. Tell us something unique about your biz and why we should tell everyone we know to contact you.

I’m inspired by passion and I want to help you become passionate and fall in LOVE with the food you eat and the exercise you do. If you LOVE it, you will stick with it. I listen and learn from you, so I can develop a plan that will work only for you, that you will absolutely love and do forever. I never want to give people a “diet” or “exercise plan” they’ll do for a short time and then give up on.

6. Tell us any words of wisdom you have for others starting in your field or otherwise just starting business.

Follow your passions, and listen carefully to your clients.

7. Where will life take you when COVID restrictions are eased?

Hopefully back with people, seeing my dad again, travel with my son and husband, wine and dine with friends and family, and less sadness!

8. Tell us what makes you “You”.

I love spending time with friends and family. My son has magic powers and makes me deliriously happy. I adore riding my bike, all year long, everyday, everywhere. I love traveling, photography, cooking and discovering new foods and recipes from around the world.


Wellness Talks

“Thank you for speaking to our Diabetes Support Group. Comments were “I learned so much”, and “I’m going to try these different foods”. We felt very fortunate that you spoke to us and would like for you to come again!” -Diabetes Support Group, Boulder Community Hospital

Nutrition and Cooking Classes

"Pam Vagnieres provides a great combination of nutritional knowledge and hands on expertise for making that knowledge real in one's own life. Working with Pam has opened my eyes to ways of cooking and eating that have changed my life and that of my family's, one step at a time. With Pam, it is not about denying oneself. Through her cooking classes, one learns that eating really well can also taste really, really good.” -Sue


“I’m writing to simply say thanks for the kind impact you have made on my life. I value the exercises you gave me and even more, I treasure the laughs and honest talks we shared. Thank you for listening to my worries and offering encouragement and hope. I admire the way you lead your life- both personally and professionally. You are such a great Mom to your son and a wonderful health care practitioner. I am grateful to know you.” -Jenny


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