Let's Talk About Being Happy!!!

I know, it's tough to be happy with all that is going on in our country. Bitter election looming, protests, divisions, social distancing, pandemic, COVID-19, fires, poor air quality, hurricanes, general social, cultural, political unrest. Let's find a few things that might brighten our moods.

Omax Health: Can we talk women's health and women's happiness? O-Shot CBD Arousal Oil for Women! O-Shot CBD Arousal Oil is a luxurious coconut sex oil that instantly heightens sensations and arousal for more intense orgasms! The topical formula uses a unique blend of eight botanicals, including broad-spectrum CBD, that provides gentle tingling and warming sensations and enhanced lubrication. Sensually aromatic, delicious and fully edible, this formula is designed to elevate pleasure for maximum sexual enjoyment. Light vanilla bean, chocolate flavor in a natural coconut (MCT) oil base. ZERO% THC. NO HIGH.

Happy Feet Plus: Kenkoh the Original Massage Sandal. These look a bit odd and take a few walks to get used to, but seriously, they are the shoes you will never want to take off your feet. Spoil your feet now!

artnaturals: dead sea mud mask. Known for its cleansing abilities, our mud mask draws toxins from the skin leaving your facial pores feeling renewed and refreshed.

Cleanses and revitalizes skin.

Targets wrinkles, age spots, and sun spots.

Vitamin rich formula soothes and hydrates skin.

Auro Audio Fitness: Offering the world's best audio workouts! Don't be stuck to your screen.

Take your workouts with you and go screen-free. 14-day FREE trial. Take your fitness back.

LYFE Fuel: What's fueling you? Nourish your mind, body, and soul with premium plant-powered nutrition. Super food, super fuel. At LYFE Fuel we focus on sourcing the best plant-based protein & superfood supplements from around the globe to accomplish one important goal; help you to look and feel your best. Every. Single. Day. I saw a recent 20% discount code: NEW2LYFE. Not sure how long it will last.

TriggerPoint: Impact Massage Gun and Foam Rollers. Keep moving at home! We’re motivated to keep everyone on their best path to muscle recovery. It’s not enough to just design the products that continually innovate the fitness and wellness market. We know that offering a wide array of customized education ensures that you have the tools you need to keep moving.

Dr. Strains: Hemp Products! CBD, capsules, wraps, hemp flowers, energy mints, incense sticks, gummies, facial serum, and lot's more fun stuff to make you HAPPY! Check out their educational blogs as well.

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