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There is a chance you already know that I own this blog and website. So, yes, I am here to talk about myself and PinPoint Networking. Hopefully, you will read onward to discover more about me and what my business is up to. My latest concept is The PinPoint Press in which I will highlight small business owners and allow them to tell their story. Once, this particular blog is complete, I will shout out on my social media platforms that I JUST GOT FEATURED IN THE PINPOINT PRESS. READ MY STORY! I have already asked my close network of small business friends to tell me their story as well. Hopefully, soon, I will flood this blog with their stories. Would you like your small business story told? This may not be a novel concept. There are many ways and places to get featured, but as a small business owner, finding the elusive 'visibility' is one of our mightiest challenges. Keep your eyes open for opportunities!

We'll do this interview style.

Tell us about PinPoint Networking.

PinPoint Networking, co-founded with my life partner Nick Altomare, is our small business networking company that we have been developing during Pandemic 2020-2021. In its basic form it is a networking company which provides small business owners the ability to come together (virtually) to help each other create 'visibility' for their companies. In many ways, we are not reinventing the wheel, but we do offer a personal, non-corporate framework. Small business networking has been a necessity for a very long time. With nearly 45 million people in the US who identify with being a solopreneur, micro business owner, a consultant, or a freelancer, finding a small business support network is crucial. This network should be able to vouch for you, shout out about you, help you problem-solve, and help you promote your business. When you don't have these people, you may likely feel like a sardine in the ocean, when it comes to small business 'visibility'. Many different networking companies and opportunities exist. Most, that we have found, have high price tag membership fees. PinPoint Networking is trying to break that barrier to entry. We've met hundreds of entrepreneurs who will not join these high price tag groups because the cost of entry and the membership requirements are just too great.

Some things I've learned from being involved in micro business over the past 8 years: It is very hard to blow your own horn. It is very hard to make a ripple in the ocean of business promotion. Everyone will take your money if you let them. If you only market yourself and your business, you may grow weary and lose confidence, rapidly. Finding a small business networking team can be incredibly rewarding, confidence building, and hopefully business building. This can be the difference between fading away and shining your bright light for others to see.

What are some of the ways to get involved with PinPoint Networking and finding a supportive team?

Great question, so glad you asked! PinPoint Networking will work with you to create a regionally specific group. Our charter group, The Denver - Boulder Innovators, is off to a great start. They are already a team of 20 professionals and host visitors nearly every week. This team knows how to network and to promote each other when the opportunity arises. If you visit this group, you will notice people that care about each other, care about fundraising, and care about the results of lifting up others and not just themselves. It would be my honor to assist in organizing other groups like this one. As with anything good, it takes time and effort to develop these supportive and trusting relationships. PinPoint Networking is happy to facilitate. Please reach out HERE to discuss.

Not all small business owners want to sit in a weekly geographically defined group with the same people. Let's face it, the pandemic has sent a lot of us home, to work from our computers. We've redefined our sales zones. In many cases, reaching out to people beyond our immediate location is what we really need. For this reason, PinPoint Networking has developed meetings that you can come to once, weekly, or whenever you feel like it. You can pay as you go or take advantage of an affordable membership. We ask that you come ready to give of yourself in these meetings. Help others with questions they have as small business owners. Assist others with your own expertise. And, of course, bring your own questions and requests for help. We may not have any or all of the right answers, but we will collaborate and get to know one another. If this sounds good, please stop by one of our Coffee Collective Minds or Cocktail Thinkers meetings! Please see our EVENTS calendar.

Why does your website link to PinPoint Wellness not specifically PinPoint Networking?

Another great question! Prior to founding PinPoint Networking, I have been a physical therapist for the past 21 years. It took me a long time to develop my enjoyable niche in physical therapy. When I did feel confident, I wanted nothing more than to work for myself. I was tired of working for companies that only valued the bottom line, the dollars that PT's could or could not bring in. In a nutshell, in 2013 I started my own company in a commercial basement space. I struggled with promoting myself. I learned that networking was a thing, I joined a chamber of commerce, and it helped. But life took over in 2015 and I was facing divorce. I needed to find a paying job again. I developed my niche further in a physician's office, and in 2018 I chose to go solo once again. Two years into a three year lease, the pandemic hit. The office was too big and too expensive, so I felt lucky to terminate my lease early. Since then, I have been working with my life partner, Nick, on creating PinPoint Networking. So the website as it appears today, is a combined PinPoint Wellness and PinPoint Networking site. This will change soon. I am in the development phase of a dedicated PinPoint Networking website. I have found through all of this, that don't fear creating the website and actually embrace it. Rome wasn't built in a day. Who says you can't teach an old dog........?

Oh, an if you ever have questions about my niche, dry needling, what it is, and why I believe it is one of the best things you can do to change pain (ie sciatica, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, low back pain), reach out to me via my PinPoint Wellness website. I am happy to discuss.

Let's wrap this up like bacon around a stuffed jalapeño pepper! What are some goals for the future?

Meet, connect with, promote, and help small business owners to find their team. Spend more and more time away from social media and more time on actual, productive communication. Give up the speed scrolling chaos and have meetings instead. Through our new Google Meet and Zoom skills, we are able to talk and connect with almost anyone. Who knows where you or I will make our next sales?

See my kids (ages 19 and 21), my dad & stepmom, and sisters for a lengthy summer beach vacation. Hoping we will all be on a list for covid vaccines in the coming months and a beach trip will be possible. Until then, I will bundle up, endure the polar vortex, shed my skin like a snake, and walk my senior dog multiple times a day. I will continue to make my Colorado house my home, my office, my partner's son's high school, my creative zone, my exercise zone (ok, scattered participation), my privacy zone, my trust zone, my cookie and bread making zone, my networking zone, and my reading zone.

Anything else?

Nick and I are really missing live music shows. Networking aside, we would love to host an Open Mic Night. Do you know any musicians or comedians who would like to participate? We know some local people to reach out to, but would love to cross geographic boundaries for a night(s) of virtual music. Anyone ready to belt out a song and strum some chords? Please let us know HERE!

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