From Julie's Store, Happy Memorial Day!!!

WTF is wrong with people? Did you see the photos out of Lake Of The Ozarks yesterday? Swimming pool and deck with wall to wall partying people as if health precautions are a thing of the past. No thank you. I will gladly continue sipping coffee and cocktails from the privacy of my Colorado home. But that's me. I did enjoy watching the Netflix show Ozark, though. I guess it actually prepared me to understand what goes on there. My own Memorial Day Weekend has been super quiet. I've been trying to let the new life sink in. It's hard. I am used to running my physical therapy practice with welcoming laughter, conversations, hands-on pain relief treatments. While being back to seeing a very scattered number of clients a week at best, it is different. The laughter and conversations continue behind masks and a six foot distance. Will my business rebound? Will my business survive? I, as well as most of my clients are in an age demographic that largely feels we will be better off keeping with mask and distance precautions rather than partying closely with others in a swimming pool. It's not just in The Ozarks. Plenty of people (youth?) have been photographed not socially distancing in large groups here as well. I truly hope all the closeness is okay and that things can resume normally. As an entrepreneur, nothing makes me sadder than driving through our small towns and seeing every shut down business and every loss of income, even if temporary. At this point, nobody knows which businesses will pull through and who will need to find alternate employment to be able to pay mortgages, rents, and bill collectors.

As I realize the fragile nature of my own business, I have begun the pivot. I can't continue to believe all will be financially secure in my small healthcare business. I will use my online resources to provide you with information about things you may be shopping for. I will provide you links and discounts for things like CBD, skincare products, herbs & vitamins, exercise equipment, face masks & sanitizers. These are the things I've been shopping for over the last two months. Supply chains for everything have been effected and shipments are not a certainty. I have struggled to find supplies to keep my business open and my house and body in healthy repair. Hopefully, my research, affiliate links*, and discounts can help you find some quality products. With my background of being a physical therapist for 20 years, I look at things with a very skeptical eye. I don't jump on bandwagons unless I have some reason to believe the usefulness. But the adage 'buyer beware' will always stand true. Do your own research. Most health and wellness products and supplements have not been tested & regulated by the FDA and no medical claims can be made or substantiated.

Today's savings include:

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Happy Shopping! Happy Memorial Day!

*When shopping with these affiliate links, you are supporting PinPoint Wellness at no cost to you. PinPoint Wellness will receive a small commission from your order. Much appreciated and Thank You!