Flu Season Is Upon Us And Covid-19 Cases Are Spiking. Personal Protection Is A Must-Have!!!

I love the company artnaturals! In March and April 2020, I could not find any hand sanitizer through Amazon until one day I found some available through this company. I had not heard of them and before I pressed the "buy" button I perused some reviews to make sure they were a real company. It seemed yes, so I clicked to buy. The bottles of hand sanitizer arrived promptly and I was able to go back to my physical therapy practice armed with hand sanitizer that felt good to apply and did not stink of chemicals. My husband was also able to get back to his real estate practice with new confidence to see his clients and show people's homes with the ability to fight germs at the same time. Since then, I have joined up with ArtNaturals to promote their products. Now, I (and you) do not need to go through big companies like Amazon to order! That makes me super happy because I love to support and promote small businesses!

artnaturals has many different quantities of hand sanitizer products on hand. They cater to many different budgets. They sell 2 packs ($12) up to 64 packs ($200) of 8 ounce containers. They use plant-based ingredients and are infused with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Jojoba, to keep your hands feeling silky smooth and germ-free.

Also, take a look at artnaturals' Sanitizing Wipes! Again, all budgets and quantity options. artnaturals sanitizing wipes are formulated with 75% ethyl alcohol to help kill up to 99.9% of germs. Our on-the-go wipes help keep hands and surfaces safe and sanitary wherever you go!

Face masks, face masks, face masks. Independent of your feelings about 2020 and face masks, we all need face masks. artnaturals carries adult and child size disposable face masks. Once again you can pick a quantity and/or suitable budget. They also carry face shields, as well.

Don't forget the hand soap! How many times a day do you wash your hands? Literally, I think I do 100 times. artnaturals has some amazing Sweet Spring and Refresh Mint hand soaps. Get silky soft, touchable hands, with plant-based cleansers that remove dirt, grime and microbes, for a deep down, natural clean you can feel, and a honeydew or minty fresh scent you will love.

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