• Julie Schumann, PT, MSPT

Dry Needling Post Quarantine


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Greetings to my beloved family of dry needlers! I have missed you! I sincerely hope you have been well and healthy during this really awful time. My doors have been closed. I have been home. Really only home. I have been contemplating what it will look like when I open PinPoint Wellness again. I surely don't have all the right answers. Clearly nobody does. Regardless, of how you will handle things for yourself going forward and whether you see yourself seeking this kind of treatment in the future, know that I appreciate you. I appreciate you trusting me with your care. I appreciate that you helped me grow this very small business. I appreciate everyone who has walked through my door or told someone else to come see me. Thank you!!!

New limited schedule and prices I know many companies can't wait to get started again. I remain scared and cautious. This will not be business as usual. I've had a few recent inquiries about necessary appointments so I have shifted gears from homebound to opening in a very limited capacity. Online booking is available for a very limited schedule going forward. I have set up longer appointment times with adequate spacing for cleaning and minimal crossover of potential clients in the office. Unfortunately, I will not be able to offer the quick, low cost sessions that I used to. All follow up sessions will be scheduled for 45 minutes, new clients for 60 minutes and I will only schedule a few clients a day. If you bought a package of visits prior to all of this, I will honor any remaining visits you have, but the cost to me will be high with increased treatment time and precautions taken. If you are using one of these visits, I would appreciate an additional $35 for the visit, IF YOU CAN SWING IT. If not, no worries, your visit will still be honored. 

New Times, New Schedule 45 minute follow up visit, $85 60 minute new client visit, $115 **Sorry, no discounted packages or prepayments being offered at this time. Limited scheduling available for online booking. All appointment times allow for increased spacing and cleaning between clients.  **Please do not come in if unwell. **Please abide by social distancing and wearing of face masks. I will do the same.

Be assured, my smile will be under the mask, if and when you do come in. I promise. I miss the laughter, I miss the healing, I miss you. See you whenever you feel comfortable with coming in! All my best to you, Julie

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