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About the Author: Small business owner, 20+ years physical therapist, 10+ years dry needling provider, 3+ months user of CBD, believes in wine, IPA & coffee, amazed at the line-up process to get into a Zumba class, menopausal, unsure if I have enough toilet paper and hand sanitizer to get through the virus, really glad I am not on a cruise ship right now, hoping Red Rocks concerts will not be canceled this summer, and would love to lose 40 pounds while enjoying my vices (hence, no starvation/elimination diets, please.)

PinPoint Wellness: A low-volume dry needling studio. Sanitizing of surfaces is done frequently. Compared to Costco, King Soopers, or Kaiser, very few people walk through this office on a daily basis. The majority of my work includes: wearing rubber gloves, using hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol, and using sterile needles. If you are feeling healthy, but have a headache, sciatica, back pain, or other joint pain please stop by, I'd love to see you! If I am not well, I will close the office.

Upcoming Event: Curious about CBD? Come to an informative session with Tisha Lin, certified health coach and CBD professional. Date: Saturday 3/21/20, 3-4pm, PinPoint Wellness, Lafayette, CO. Please sign up on website.

As a (very) small business owner I am keeping a hopeful outlook during the global explosion of the coronavirus. I know very well that my services, while pain relieving & appreciated, are non-essential in the face of crisis. I have always felt that way about the services I provide. My motto is 'get home and stay safe' in the event of inclement weather or the like. My clients come to me voluntarily to take care of some neuromuscular pain issue (sciatica, neck pain, shoulder pain, headaches, etc.) I do that quickly and efficiently with the use of dry needling, some bodywork, and some encouragement to carry on with life's activities as tolerated. Again, my services are non-essential. We are not going to solve global issues through physical therapy. When it snows or is close to a major holiday, nobody comes to see me. When clients are sick, I'd rather they didn't come to see me. When I am sick, I stay home. So this coronavirus has me thinking my very small business could really take a hit when people decide to shelter in place as the virus starts to infiltrate our public spaces, schools, shops, and churches. I know, globally, we have gone through these virus scares frequently, but don't they make it sound like this is the big one? At this point, the coffee shop I am sitting in is full, buzzing with caffeine, chai, and meetings. Colorado is up to 17 confirmed cases and has now been declared in a 'state of emergency' by Governor Polis.

Desperate times are calling for desperate measures. I spoke to my dad today for his 86th birthday. He resides in Westchester County, NY, a true hotspot of emerging virus. At least, he is thinking it might not be wise to sing with his choir at retirement homes as planned. Nor will he go out to dinner to celebrate, but that's because it's raining. Stay healthy dad!

I hope to stay healthy. I hope my family stays healthy. I hope you and your family stays healthy. I still have supplies of disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol, but cannot locate these items in the grocery store anymore. Hopefully, Amazon comes through for me. I have been washing my hands. I have been wiping down surfaces and door knobs. I have eliminated hand shaking. I guess the preferred method of greeting people nowadays is with jazz hands or a foot bump! I joke that my daily regimen includes CBD, elderberry syrup, (stated possible benefits: anti cancer, bacteria fighting, immune support, heart health), and strong black seed oil (stated possible benefits: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, aids blood pressure and cholesterol) capsules. I've taken the black seed oil for a while now, as it seems to help with my rheumatoid-like inflammation. I started taking CBD a few months ago and am hopeful of the benefits. I managed to fight off a recent hangover with a CBD pain relief formula instead of ibuprofen. It comes with so many other possible good side effects (everything under the sun including: anti-inflammatory, neuro-protectant, anti-tumor, heart health, pain relief, and anti-anxiety) that I don't foresee getting off the CBD bandwagon yet. It makes me feel calm and I sleep better. I started my dog on CBD as well for his aging body and tremors.

So I continue on. I hope you are all continuing on as well. I hope your loved ones with weakened immune systems, for whatever reason, will not be affected by the virus. My partner Nick and I may have to become extra vigilant about things, as Nick's son (with physical limitations related to cerebral palsy) may not fare well if he gets a lung virus. At this point we are taking it one day at a time. We continue to run our businesses, go everywhere we want, and enjoy our hysterically funny and very loving home life. We are keeping our endorphins alive with coffee, wine, beer, pizza, CBD, communication, Dusty Dog, laughter, intimacy, exercise, music, sleep, and beach dreams.

I love my small business life and my small business colleagues. I sincerely hope the virus does not hurt us or push any of us to shutter our doors. Nick and I started promoting local small business long before the emergence of the virus. In addition to our weekly networking events, we started Keep It Local Colorado to provide affordable marketing for local companies. Keep It Local Colorado is a mixture of business directory, event listing, news/blog listing, community forum, newsletter, social media shout-out, and eventually a purposeful group meet up to help each others' business bloom. So, it is time to shout out to many of my local friends and small business owners! Yes, this is just a small sampling of some amazing small businesses in Colorado. Please keep us in mind if you need anything. We'll be here for you.

Specific Real Estate Request: If anyone reading this has any info about upcoming houses available in Littleton, CO for $450K and under, please reach out to my partner Nick, as he has buyers, but is having trouble winning the contracts. Inventory is low and over-bidding is ridiculous.

Wellness/self care/chiropractic: PinPoint Wellness (dry needling specialty), Lafayette. Elite Chiropractic, Louisville. Smile Logic (dental hygiene), Broomfield. Dixon Orthodontics, Superior & Westminster. Elements Massage, Louisville. Upstander Chiropractic, Louisville. Complete Care Chiropractic, Lafayette. Renew Movement, Louisville. Dynamic Healing (counseling services), Louisville. Intuitive Reiki Practitioner, Tekla Ayers, Lafayette. Sola Healing Arts Massage, Lafayette. Massage Therapy for the Body and Soul, Louisville.

Home buy-sell-mortgage-insurance: Nick Altomare, eXp Realty. Erika Bergstrom, Summit Mortgage. Kendra Hurtado, American Family Insurance.

Travel: Klassic Travel

Financial and Career Services: Kristin Lavelle, Five Rings Financial. Cira Forbes, Edward Jones. Sheila Clemenson (career transition coach), Transitions Coaching Services.

Shopping/gifting: Red Lark, Denver. Nourish Boxes. Soy Good Candle Co. Silly Goose Organics.

CBD & Skincare: Joy Organics CBD (15% discount with code: PinPoint15), Pure Spectrum CBD (20% discount with code: PINPOINTCBD20), NuLeaf Naturals CBD (20% discount with code: PinPoint20), CBDPure, Quicksilver Scientific, BEE OCH Organics (20% discount with code: PINPOINT)

Exercise: Radiant Running (physical therapy for runners), Lafayette. Kaia Fit, Lafayette. Chuze Fitness, Broomfield. Ruf Fitness, Lafayette.

Coffee/tea/treats: Denver Tea Company. Peanut Butta Love. Otis Coffee, Lafayette.

Home & Solar Services: ARE Solar. Professional Carpet Systems. Hunter Floor & Window Covering.

Health Insurance: Health Markets (Medicare/supplemental)

Thanks for reading and stay well.


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