Do You Take My Insurance?

Dry needling, specifically, is not a billable code in 2019, but is likely to be billable in 2020. 

Medicare: We have no 'billable' relationship with Medicare or Medicaid. We are unable to submit to these insurance companies. We are legally unable to provide supervised physical therapy programs to clients with Medicare or Medicaid. If you would like to have a consultation about dry needling specifically, please inquire. 


In-Network Insurance: Cigna, United Healthcare, and Aetna. We are able to submit directly to these insurance companies. Please be advised that dry needling does not have a 'billable' code and you may still be obligated to pay a small fee for dry needling. We will do our best to advise you of the most affordable payment plan (insurance vs self pay) for your specific scenario. Albeit, insurance is complicated and often has its share of surprises. If we are submitting to your insurance it is your responsibility to understand your physical therapy benefits, copays, deductibles, and pre-authorization process. 


Self Pay Rates (yay!)Our self-pay rates are paid at the time of service and are offered at a 15% discount from what is typically billed to insurance. We like to keep things simple and affordable and want you to feel comfortable coming back whenever you feel your body needs a treatment. You may pay with check, credit card, HSA/FSA card, or cash.

Auto Med Pay: Yes, we can submit, if you have been in an auto accident and have your claim information available.