Consider your visit at PinPoint Wellness a visit for your neuromuscular system. We have 45 miles, yes 45 miles of nerves in the human body. Nerve health is vital to all of our movement, sensation, organ function, breathing, thinking, sleeping, mental health, and general physical wellbeing. Nerves connect to the brain, spinal cord, muscles, bones, organs, skin, and circulatory systems. When we get minor muscle aches, like a stiff neck or sore back, the problem is neuromuscular. Irritated nerves innervate muscles causing tender spots or muscle spasms and sending pain sensations to the brain. Equally, injured muscle can lead to irritated nerves, thus also resulting in tender spots and muscle spasms, and relaying pain sensations to the brain. 

Now, the really important part! Nerves NEED space, movement, and blood flow for optimal function. Think about that muscle spasm. It acts to compress tissue around the nerve taking away space, circulation, and also optimal movement. Your body, joints, muscles, and body region or numerous regions may respond with pain, immobility, and/or sensory changes like numbness and tingling. Ongoing compression, decreased circulation, and lack of mobility can cause nerve damage down the road. The treatments at PinPoint Wellness are geared toward revitalizing tissue, regenerating cells, decreasing muscle spasm, increasing circulation, and improving the mobility of your neuromuscular system. With these changes you can start to get back to your normal everyday activities, preferably without the use of pain medications, cortisone injections, or surgery!