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Get Featured! Tell Us About Your Biz!

This is not an event, but it is an invitation to share a blog on our page. Tell us a small business story!
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Get Featured! Tell Us About Your Biz!

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Time is TBD
Words Tell A Story.

About the Event

Tell us a story about small business! 

Can you provide us with insight into a particular industry, events, job market, or experiences as they pertain to small business?

Possible topics:

current job market

pandemic effects on small biz

careers in: blog writing, direct/network sales, affiliate marketing, social media management, coaching, virtual assistant........

careers in: real estate, financial advising, mortgages, insurance 

current state of residential real estate and/or mortgages

health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, recipes

photography and/or travel

marketing, sales, and visibility

social media tips

website design

cyber security

your own product or service to promote; this blog should not be a sales page for you but you may include a link to your website or sales page.

press release: tell us what your biz is about, target market; may include one link to your website or sales page.

Hints: Telling a story is necessary! Do not make it a straight sales pitch for a product or service unless it has a great story to go with it! Also, keep in mind what your company allows you to say about your company, product, or service. Don't break any rules, regulations, or contractual agreements that you have in place.

Please include an "about the author" blurb and links to your website, sales page, social media links.

Blog submission does not guarantee you will be published on this website. We will read, review, and let you know!

***no politics

***no scams

***no negative reviews

***no illiegal or illicit product or service descriptions

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