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Update 5/25/2020: Thank you to those who have come in to see me for dry needling over the past month. You have truly made me feel a little bit useful during this pandemic madness! I will continue to offer a very limited schedule, with no overlapping of clients, and increased treatment times and cleaning times. The virus is still running rampant and is beyond costly to those with complications. I don't want this for you, your family, or myself and my family. Please continue to wear masks and keep social distance if you are coming in for a visit. Rates will continue to be $115 for new patient, and $85 for follow up session. I am not submitting to any insurance at this time. Stay safe and healthy! BLOG, BOOK APPOINTMENT, CBD AND SKINCARE DISCOUNTS

Update 4/24/2020: New, limited schedule, beginning 5/01/2020, is available for online booking. If you need an emergency treatment prior to that, please email us at Please note, we have had to adjust treatment times, gaps & cleaning times, and prices to create the safest space going forward. We will not be taking any pre-payments or offering packages during this health crisis. It would only take a few bad germs to shut us down entirely, so please do not schedule or come in if you are unwell. When you do come in, please abide by social distancing guidelines.

In the meantime, please help support our retail efforts through our affiliate links and our curbside retail. If you place an order for any of our stocked items, we will meet you outside with your products.

Challenging the standard with fewer visits, affordably..........No lengthy & costly treatment plans like your typical physical therapy or chiropractic plans.......Just effective pain treatment immediately.....We mean it.

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"Just did my first dry needling session with Julie and it was amazing! Highly recommend. I went in for extreme trap tension and headaches and tingling in the back of my shoulders. I feel instant relief walking out of there and feel like I can finally relax my shoulders. Julie is an expert with dry needling and you should definitely give her a shot for any body issues you are having! Great atmosphere. :)" 

"I walked in today in PAIN, I walked out today feeling so much BETTER! Julie is a true magician at her craft of dry needling. I highly recommend her to all of my CrossFit buddies and anyone else I run into with pain."

"I really like the dry needling because I feel like we can get a lot farther faster than with just massage alone. The results that I can get in one dry needling session are equal to at least four or five massages. So while Dry needling is more expensive per appointment and overall I feel I’m saving money because I’m getting the job done faster and more effective. Plus it saves me time everybody enjoys a massage but I also enjoy having my afternoon to get things done and the dry needling goes quickly."


We help people stay out of the doctor's office! We help adults with minor or major aches & pains get back to their active lifestyle. Our treatment strategies make it easier for you to say NO to ibuprofen or stronger pain medications, cortisone injections, and surgery! If you are headed down this path, talk to us first!!!


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Here's the bottom line: you may have never considered physical therapy for everyday aches like stiff neck, gardening strains, low back pain, shoulder, hip, or knee pain. When you want to pop some ibuprofen, call us. We understand muscles & nerves and have strategies to get you going again quickly!


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